Our customer owns a Hyundai Mistra, he had seen a couple of blog posts from those claiming they mounted reduced and high beam of light LED lights, however he couldn’t find any type of details on just how to set up the projector by himself.

  • His OEM dust caps are not fit for his brand-new 5500K HID bulb. The OEM reflector can not focus light efficiently, the cutoff line was not clear to see.
  • So he call us to choose an appropriate hid retrofit kit for his HID bulb and also retrofit HID headlight projector also.

Since the Mistra real estate had sufficient area to include a 3-inch projector, we select an E55-R retrofitting Hid headlight projector to match the new HID bulb for the upgrade.


Open up the real estate— we took the bumper off to take the real estate out. And also then baked the real estate right into the oven to open the lens cover off.

  1. Install E55-R retrofitting Concealed headlight projector— installed the HID bulb into the job, mount the projector in the housing.

Since the setting of the projector was not totally similar to the manufacturing facility projector ones, it required to slice the metal edges of the bi-xenon projector to fit the real estate.

Dremeled the ideas simply about to the surface area of the border trim piece, mounted the job on the inner using the screws and also nuts.


Align cutoff— it is crucial to line up cutoff to DOT standard that does not dazzle approaching website traffic. Before totally installing the fronts lights back in, it’s excellent to test the lights to make certain they are working and also there is none concern of it.


The high light beam as well as low beam

It can be seen that the low and high light beam is being brighter on the hotspot that brightens a much longer range on road. It is the resulting photo driving on road listed below.


The hi beam of light

The dipped light beam

Retrofitting an appropriate projector can improve the headlight light bulb to concentrate light without scatting beam. It not only improves the driving vision however also is advantageous to the opposite motorists to prevent approaching website traffic risk.


With a bright front lights projector kit, it would certainly enhance driving effectiveness and protect against the accident ahead of time. If you want to pick a suitable projector which matches to your real estate, you can interact with us in anytime, we delight in to address your question and supply you an automobile lighting solution.

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